Thursday, March 12, 2009

What kind of day is it when.........

Well today was the kind of day where you have to wrestle the tube of tooth paste away from your cat because he was licking the toothpaste out of the tube. This made him very angry because he likes mint very much so he starts to cry. 
It was also (luckly) the kind of day where you actually had an extra tube of tooth paste in the drawer. 
And some extra cat food. 

So here are some things I just found on the Mod Cloth website Lauren sent me to..... to celebrate this kind of day.

Space Invaders Attack Tee

I can't pick just one pair of shoes. 
not that either go with the tee. but who really cares. 

I should also mention they have a really sweet Octopus ring but I'm not showing you so I can buy it first.

Thanks Lauren.

I also want to say Hi to Rachel D who's in Florida on vacation. Hope your having fun.

 This is Pig Pen the toothpaste eater.

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