Friday, March 06, 2009

Gifts for My Love (Archie McPhees part 2)

 My husband is really hard to shop for mainly because when he wants something he buys it. So that doesn't leave much for me to buy for him. It makes it pretty impossible actually. 
So when I found Archie McPhees  I was soooooo excited.

Look at all these great husband gifts to choose from...............

A Sweet Space Lunchbox

Perfect to bring his lunch to work with.
The other guys will be so jealous.

Elf Feet
What can I say? Our favorite movie is Elf.

Wasabi Gumballs
Pauly and the little girl next door like to see who can eat more wasabi. Maybe a good treat. 

Squirrel Underpants
My husband adopted a family of water rats at work. They live in the river. They might need accessories. I tried to get my sister to knit scarves but it didn't work. 

Luchador Masks

He has a thing for Luchador Masks.
He loves Nacho Libre.

Sushi Shower Curtain

Love Sushi
A Collection of mustaches for him and his friend.

(Pauly doesn't need this he has a crazy beard but last week when we went to his friends CD release like 15 people came up to us to comment on Pauly's SICK beard.) This way they won't feel left out. The drummer ever grew an awesome handlebar mustache.

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