Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cupcakes Floss for a Very Special Cupcake Lover

Here is a collection of things that might interest some of you like maybe Lauren, My friend from Cupcakes and Buttons.

Okay I am not messing with you my mother just received an email with this 
Cupcake Dental Floss in it. 
(Lauren this is for you)
You can get it here at Archie Mcphees

My dentist would beat me up if he saw this. I wonder if its really any good for you?
 Its not a joke. This shop also sells Bacon Dental Floss and other such oddities. 

Amazing I also saw quite a few things that I must get. 
including Cupcake bandages.

I can't believe I have lived this long with out this stuff.

I also found a cupcake cook book....... I will add that later.

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  1. oooh fun !!! hehehehe, I love bacon too! lol!