Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Love Prints and Cards

Some Prints I love......

ABC Girls by Made By Girl

Pig by BadBird's Shop @

Some Cards I Love...

Mopsy and Flopsy card set by Badbird's shop @

You're Better than Chocolate by Made by Girl

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

S.G. Iron Works

My older brother Steve, who is a blacksmith/ horseshoer/ artist  just set up his Etsy shop.... S.G. Iron Works 

Steel Cobra

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy as a jellyfish......

I have been working very hard on my stop motion movie. It was going quite well till yesterday when I began to have a lot of problems with the program I was using so I went to the Mac store to get a new program and that one isn't working which now is making me think that my computer has been taken over by aliens or at least ocean creatures...

Here is one frame from my movie, Its an Ocean Adventure movie. 

 Here is one of my tomatoes... my garden is doing quite well... I even have some cute little pickling cucumbers... I am so excited. 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stop Frame Movie

I wanted to learn how to make a stop-frame movie so in my search 
for info I found this

Happy Weekend.....

Well it is well in to the summer and I am thinking about....

A nice trip to a beach and maybe a massage and I am thinking about mango pancakes in Peru and some wonderful smelling sunblock and limes and umbrellas in drinks and some friends and a bike ride and a beach house with the windows open when you go to bed and waking up at sunrise to find shells on the beach and coffee with cream and strawberries and a convertible and sarongs and flip flops and sunsets and cookouts and no makeup and suntans and messy hair and braids and sun 

still my favorite place i've ever been

sadly though.... I haven't even really been hot yet this summer and I haven't been anywhere fun and I am sort of very sad today and I feel more like rain and dark clouds than a sunny summer day. 

Monday, July 06, 2009

Look up.... up.. up..

I found this image and thought..... AHHHHHHHHH now thats something!  It was one this blog from here

I am super inspired by hanging things lately..... 
Its just cause I have been decorating my new room at work. 
The art room and I am planning on hanging a bunch of tissue paper flowers I have left over from Easter from the ceiling but I am also going to make a butterfly mobile.....

It needs some color for inspiration.

I am also thinking of doing some kind of installation in my glass porch.
It is decorated with lanterns and things but I have been toying with some ideas about hanging sheer curtains with tension rods and making it beachy paradisy and maybe heavenly.... with billowing curtains and things.....

from Alkemie
I am not going to lie I knew where all these pictures came from but I can't remember.... ooopppss....the yellow one is my favorite. If you know tell me so I can give them all credit. 

I do prefer more color but you get the idea...
maybe even like a circus tent.... I really love yellow and white stripes lately. 
green and white too and pink and white. 

Friday, July 03, 2009

Glass Balconies

Yahoo News

I get vertigo just looking at the pictures of the new glass balconies that jut out the side of the Sears Tower.... they are 1,353 ft up. I feel sick just looking at the photos. I get like that when I am watching movies or if I stand on ledges in the mountains. In the White Mountains in New Hampshire I had to lay on the ground after we rode up to the top of loon mountain (I think it was Loon Mountain can't remember). Pauly finally got me off the mountain before I passed out. I am not so good with the height stuff. I also get sick during some cave shots in Lord of the Rings. 

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Etsy Store

Okay its up..... Well I just put it up...... There are only 4 things so far but here is its........

All handmade by me with love.