Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bando for you?

We were at work the other day talking about something and I was telling my friends Miss Robin and Miss Avril about the need for head gear. Not like head gear from middle school tooth straightening things but head gear in the form of flowers and feathers. Miss Avril and I are anxiously awaiting our jcrew flower head bands to arrive but in the mean time we are thinking about wedding since Miss Robin (who would most likely appreciate me not calling her MISS) is getting married in um 2 months and like 12 days maybe 9 days? And we were discussing the Bando Head Bands. Which let me tell you....... had I known about these bad boys..... I would definatly have worn one for my Winter Wonderland Wedding. 

Here are some of my favorites. 

They also have Belts. Makes me want to bust out my glue gun and some ribbon. Although I have tried that many times and never ever had this much success. 
You can't even tell me that they weren't made for me. I was seriously born at the wrong time. I  should be wearing ball gowns and fancy sparkly head feather things with rhinestones all the time...

Well I am off to New York City to go to the museum and hopefully hit up a gluten free cupcake store. Have a great day.