Sunday, February 08, 2009

Verde Rosa........ My love

 There is a boutique down the street in Woodbury called 
Verde Rosa, it is the most visually stimulating store imaginable. It is in a huge barn with gorgeous hot pink curtains that you can see from the road. They are just lovely.
The ceiling is filled with every color petticoat you can think of. 
Its just perfect. Verde Rosa sells vintage and new designer clothing, accessories, 
jewelry and more. 


I love to visit whenever possible.


  1. you know what it is close to my house! like on the way! that means you need to come over and we can go there!!!!!

  2. ooh fun store, I wanna go there

  3. btw you make me want to live in CT it's so pretty

  4. What a lovely store to visit! Looks like it's full of treasures!

    Karen O.