Tuesday, February 03, 2009

There's nothing I'd rather do.........

There's nothing I'd rather do......... 
  than go to the aquarium, 
visit a tropical place or sit on a beautiful beach in the sun. 

There's nothing I'd  love more.........than summer, a really good 
pizza, a really good book (and time to read it), and a nap.

There's nothing I'd like better......... 
Than going on a fabulous vacation and seeing fireworks, 
getting really dressed up for a party, 
making someone a special gift.  

There's nothing else I'd ask for....... 
If I had a magical pet, a fancy ballroom (to throw parties in), 
and a decent gluten free/ lactose free pizza. 


  1. I want a magical pet too... like one of those bears in that movie!!! they are super magical and snuggly

  2. hehehe I love your blog, makes me miss you more :-( I found the Little Prince the other day and thought of you

  3. i love the Little Prince. thats funny I thought of how you used to read that to me this morning........You should make me a book on tape. so when i cant sleep cause my cat is puking all over the house i can listen to it.

    I miss you too.

    plus i want and armored polar bear bad.