Monday, February 23, 2009

Flowers and Fun

Oh Hello friends. 
Today is Monday, February 23, 2009

Boy this year is flying by already. 

I am getting some things together 
Plans actually.

1. My Sister Chrissy, better known as Ratface or Cubby is turning 21 this year. 
Thats right. So we think we have settled on a trip to Dave and Busters instead of a big Party. 
so I am to plan that..... If she is nice

2. A trip to New York City to see the Museum of Natural History and to get a gluten free cupcake in Brooklyn. 

3. I am hoping to visit my friend in Massachusetts in April. I have a week off. She is planning her wedding and I can do some pretty amazing things with a  glue gun. 

4. Seeing the Killers.

I am also working on several projects in the next few months.....

1. Illustrations Over the Treetops a very cute poem written by Verna Gilson.

2. Getting my Cafe Press store up and running. 

3. Finding someplace to make my illustrations into something special....
I'll tell you if it works. 
4. Finding someplace that I can go to yoga more often then I do.... Cause I love yoga classes but I can only get to one a week at my gym and thats not enough. 

I am a list person can you tell.

so besides that getting in the mood for spring.......

So sad....... I found this very cute hair accessory at Etsy and now I can't find it again.....

I have to look more.

This wonderful yoga bag can be found at Old Navy.


  1. You're coming to MA ? If you have time you have to come visit me!!!!!
    And YAY to starting your cafepress site !!!

  2. PS ... Chrissy is gonna be 21 ? WOW! time flies!