Monday, July 06, 2009

Look up.... up.. up..

I found this image and thought..... AHHHHHHHHH now thats something!  It was one this blog from here

I am super inspired by hanging things lately..... 
Its just cause I have been decorating my new room at work. 
The art room and I am planning on hanging a bunch of tissue paper flowers I have left over from Easter from the ceiling but I am also going to make a butterfly mobile.....

It needs some color for inspiration.

I am also thinking of doing some kind of installation in my glass porch.
It is decorated with lanterns and things but I have been toying with some ideas about hanging sheer curtains with tension rods and making it beachy paradisy and maybe heavenly.... with billowing curtains and things.....

from Alkemie
I am not going to lie I knew where all these pictures came from but I can't remember.... ooopppss....the yellow one is my favorite. If you know tell me so I can give them all credit. 

I do prefer more color but you get the idea...
maybe even like a circus tent.... I really love yellow and white stripes lately. 
green and white too and pink and white. 

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