Friday, July 03, 2009

Glass Balconies

Yahoo News

I get vertigo just looking at the pictures of the new glass balconies that jut out the side of the Sears Tower.... they are 1,353 ft up. I feel sick just looking at the photos. I get like that when I am watching movies or if I stand on ledges in the mountains. In the White Mountains in New Hampshire I had to lay on the ground after we rode up to the top of loon mountain (I think it was Loon Mountain can't remember). Pauly finally got me off the mountain before I passed out. I am not so good with the height stuff. I also get sick during some cave shots in Lord of the Rings. 


  1. yep, not a big fan of heights over here either! blech !

  2. I dont think I would be able to stand where those children are...gack! Super view but not for me.