Friday, January 08, 2010

My Newest Hobby

I learned how to knit last week. My sister taught me.  Here are a few things I made so far....

I made Zoe this scarf with flowers.

This is the first thing I made... a cowl. Its super warm. I am also finishing two other scarfs.. a brown and tan striped scarf and a green and white one like Zoe's scarf. Oh and I made a knitted bag but I forgot to take a picture of that. 

I just now remembered that I forgot to mail my Christmas cards. Oops.
I probably forgot about 13 things I was supposed to do cause all I want to do lately is knit. 
I think I might have also forgotten to say Happy New Years!!!

1 comment:

  1. I really like the cowl Katie :) Happy New Years !