Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent all day cooking and I never got to post about Thanksgiving.  
But now is my favorite time. I totally freak people out cause I am super in to Christmas, I have to make up for the years that I didn't like it. I also work with little kids so basically I believe you can't work with little ones and not love the magic of Christmas. Plus do I have to mention all those sparkles? 

so here are some things I am excited about.....

Hot chocolate on a stick..... from here. I made them they are so much fun and really delicious. 

making these paper lantern ornaments...... from here

Getting my first real christmas tree with the husband.... but he's sort of a grinch so I'll have to bribe him. 

Christmas movies.... especially Elf.

And ornament making parties. I used to love the idea of a cookie swap but I am gluten intolerant so no cookie swaps for me. 


  1. Hi Kate,

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was fairly quiet here. I love those hot chocolates on a stick and the paper ornaments. :)