Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sorry So Late

Sorry I have been missing lately. I have been sick. Sick and busy. But there are some exciting things going on. I have been working on giant tissue paper balls for my Easter celebration. And my friend Rachel from Frog Princess Rachel is hosting a lovely Autism Awareness Bake Sale next Saturday in Woodbury, Ct at the senior center. There will be some lovely gluten free baked goods and allergy free stuff. And also some really nice regular treats as well. Also my husband has been working on recording his first band and it sounds pretty amazing. 

Lets see what else. Oh I am going shopping for lots of things tomorrow
1. Very nice sun hat to protect my super fair face from premature wrinkles. oh an some sunscreen.
hats from Anthropologie

2. Super cute pillows for my very cute little sun porch
3. Some jeans to go with all my cute spring shoes that I can't wear to work at a creative arts preschool cause I will break my neck.
4. Bras and underwear
5. Some more chocolate Easter candy and possible a few little baskets for some of the hoodlums that will be attending my Easter Brunch.
6. Um actually I think that's all I need but I will buy more than that cause I am going to target. 
We will have to see what happens. 
Okay I think that's all. I have the week off so I should probably get some posts up.
Holy Smokes I forgot! I am going for a sweet massage this week and I have to pick up a super cute dress for some one's wedding in May!

plus if all goes well I will post a sort of adapted recipe from Martha Stewart -Macaroons!!!!
and maybe just maybe some chocolate bunny shots. 

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