Friday, January 30, 2009

Survival package for the winter

I should mention that I really don't like winter but I do really like snow days so I can stay home and paint, and snow days are the only time that I have free time, and since its so cold out on snow days I won't leave my house to go to target or yoga or anything else. 
 But right now I am very sad about the weather and how cold it is and all I am thinking of is South Carolina and Georgia when I was visiting in the fall so here are some pictures that make me feel so warm and happy. I have been begging my husband to move the Charleston, South Carolina. He hasn't agreed yet but I will break him....... one day.

(These were taken at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.)

In the meantime here are a couple of things that help get me through the winter.... 

-Philosophy shower gel in the cookie scents. I also want like 8 other scents. 

-My new Coral Cabana lip gloss by Vincent Longo Its sparkly! and it was 75% off at Sephora!

-nail polish in any hot pink, green or turquoise shade

-drinking hot chocolate with my mom

-gluten free peanut butter cookies with dark chocolate kisses.
(Recipe coming soon)

-and anything mango, pineapple or coconut scented. 

-a mad bomber hat and a really great scarf.

-Sunshine. (I am lucky enough to have a wonderful sunporch)

-oh and snuggling. 

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  1. I love the picture w/the Owl from SC/Georgia