Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Haunted Masquerade Event

Welcome to the Haunted Masquerade Event..... Come in... if you dare.....

there are spooky things around every corner....

beware of the food.. its been known to move. 

and keep your eyes open you never know who's watching you. 

Happy Halloween. 

Thanks Cassandra from My Artful Adventure.....for hosting this Haunted Masquerade Event. 

Don't forget to sign up here... to win one of  my halloween paintings here. Giveaway ends tonight at 8 P.M. 


  1. Kate, I just love your Masqueraade favorite is the first one with the spider web! Sorry I couldn't stay longer - I'm off to visit some more parties!

  2. Spooktacular! What a great party, and what amazing work you did! Love the last painting, love peacocks!

    Happy Haunting

  3. Hi Kate- Thanks for visiting me. I'm returning the visit and enjoying myself at your Masquerade party that Cassie started! Awesome artwork :)
    Fabulous place you have!
    Be Enchanted!

    Opal Moon Enchantments

  4. Ohhh how exciting! A giveaway! Love these, especially the first. The colors are just perfect! Happy haunting~

  5. You did your own artwork for the party! It's fantastic and a brilliant idea, thanks for the warnings and have fun at the festivities!

  6. I love your artwork it is fab. Thank you for your visit to, such a great idea this party.

  7. WOW! You certainly know how to throw a party! What fun I had just looking around at your whimsical paintings.

  8. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry I'm late in visiting. I was gone most of the day and I'm still partying!! Beautiful paintings.

  9. Your drawings are just beautiful - I have enjoyed my visit to your blog and Happy Halloween !!!

  10. Looks like I missed the giveaway deadline, but your art is lovely.